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These stylish magnets are made from the finest Thai magnet materials Fun Lab technicians could buy. Making a superb addition to any fridge magnet collection, The Fun Lab magnets remind you that you should get OUT of the kitchen, and ONTO your computer, heading to ASAP! These magnets ask: Why be browning beef when you could be watching paint dry on our live web cams? Why be waiting for your water to simmer when you could be reading the bizzare history of Fun Lab technician Dr. Marty Cronk?

Each one costs just FIVE DOLLARS (US$5),* which is hundreds of dollars less than what you might find in stores! Honestly, at this price, you can't afford NOT to get one! Or FOUR!!

This magnet features the Classic The Fun Lab logo, in addition to a bonus URL message written specifically for you: ""!!! Just in case you're headed our way, this handy-dandy magnet easily helps to direct you to your destination and sports a very hip design! Also, it lets all your friends know exactly where YOU go when you surf the web! Just don't get caught without one of these in your kitchen. Don't let your naked fridge ruin your social life, just because you forgot to buy this magnet!    item #0114

This banner-esque magnet may appear a little boring at first, but wait until you attach your kid's artwork to the fridge with it! Suddenly, this beautiful kindergarden artistry becomes a doodle on Official The Fun Lab Company Letterhead. Hey! What's that kid doing drawing on the job? Someone put him back in the banana-peeler room, quick! Just what kind of a lab do you think we run here?   item #0115

What better way to recall that night you blacked out at that Halloween party? Or was it Valentine's Day? With this magnet in plain sight on your fridge, you'll know exactly which holiday got you more pickled than a cucumber in a jar! What a party! What a night! What a magnet!    item #H638

No magnet set is complete without this incredible collector's item, guaranteed to double in value over the next 12 years. Here we have a keen snapshot of the whole crew during a field research trip to the desert regions of California. Hey, what's that on the ground, Marty?    item #0217

Get your exclusive The Fun Lab magnets now, supplies will NOT run out! But this offer might, if we decided we like these little guys too much to give away. So, place your order as soon as it's humanly possible!

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