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The Fun Lab is currently looking for QUALIFIED people to fill the following positions:

    Salary: $6.50-$7/hr
    Duties: The Janitor cleans our messes.
    REQs: A mop and bucket. And some soapy water, too. Must not be afraid of monkey turds.
    Salary: None
    Benefits: Bananas, cigars, and fezes. DOE.
    Duties: A monkey. To do monkey tricks and act silly.
    REQs: Tail, fur, monkey hands ("paws"). Organ-Grinder skills a plus.

    Salary: DOE
    Duties: This position demands daily quotas of Merv Griffin.
    REQs: Must ACTUALLY be Merv Griffin.

    Please send your resume and a cover letter to:

    ATTN: Jobs
    The Fun Lab
    8327 25th Ave NW
    Seattle, WA 98117

    or e-mail it to: "jobs" as the subject.