Experiment Title:Tequineapple "teh-KINE-apple" (tk- npl)

Experiment ID:  001        
Start:  10/3/00 7:13PM
Completion:  10/28/00 11:40PM
Project Leader:   Dr. Geoffrey Pfaltzgraff

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Research has shown that "twenty-somethings" tend to enjoy the results of alcohol intoxication. The Fun Lab has created a potion that may just make said generation rethink their position on the substance. Masking tequila's muscular flavor and aroma with fresh pineapple, and then allowing the mixture to ferment for 25 days, will create a potentially lethal experience. Findings will be posted on this page.


For the preliminary experiment for the Halloween event taking place on 10/28/00, a concoction was created using one (1) whole pineapple, and one (1) fifth (1/5) (750ml) of Jose Cuervo Especial tequila (40% alc by volume). The pineapple was diced amd placed into a Tupperware container and will be allowed to ferment until 10/28/00, at which point it will be consumed by voluntary subjects in experimental proceedings. Two hypotheses have been developed by Dr. Pfaltzgraff: Hypothesis 1 is that the volume of the mixture will decrease during the fermentation process, as the alcohol is absorbed by the fruit. Hypothesis 2 is that the mixture, once ingested by subjects, will lead to irrational behavior, stumbling, and other events akin to having one's foot in one's mouth.



One whole pineapple was diced and placed into a 2000ml Tupperware bottle and mixed with 750ml of Jose Cuervo Especial. The immediate volume of the mixture was exactly 1400ml, indicating that exactly 650ml of pineapple was mixed with the tequila, creating a 13:15 ratio. The container was placed into the refrigerator, marked at 9°C (49°F), labeled "do not open till Halloween", and will remain in that location except during observation.