Experiment Title:  How Much Fun Is
                   Watching Paint Dry?

 Experiment ID:  002        
 Start:  4/17/00 9:20PM
 Project Leader:   Dr. Geoffrey Pfaltzgraff


An old adage compared various boring activities to "as much fun as watching paint dry". In an effort to discover whether Netizens, as a subset of human citizens, find paint drying to be entertaining, Dr. Pfaltzgraff developed a web site featuring Paint Drying Cams. The hypothesis that a sizable membership to a paint-drying website would indicate that the activity is actually quite fun was supported.

INTRODUCTION: While watching his pot to see if it would ever boil, Dr. Pfaltzgraff decided to investigate whether it actually is fun to watch paint dry. Using standard web design tools, a few webcams, and a database that logged the hits and participants in the web site, the entertainment value of drying paint was analyzed. There are many fetish groups that have found support and common interests through the Internet. Using this knowledge, it was also hypothesized that a certain fetish would emerge. This seemingly new species of fetishists has been named "VARNOPHELIAC".

METHODS: Webcams were installed in rooms in a mock residence. The walls were painted with a standard semi-gloss latex indoor paint. Four painted environments were created: bedroom, hallway, stairwell and bathroom. The cameras provided a live feed to the Internet where Netizens were allowed to view and chat about the drying paint as they wished.

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