Unfortunately, midway through the improving fusion and enhancing stereopsis segment, tragedy struck.

Little Loaf suddenly stood up, threw the current stereoscopic target slides down to the floor, grabbed the last of the bananas from the kitchen and walked out the lab doors. At first, it was assumed that Loaf was just going out for a smoke or maybe just for some fresh air, but after 30 minutes, it became apparent that he was gone for good.

No monkey takes 30 minutes to smoke a cigarette.

Above you can see the Monkey Vision Testing Area as Loaf left it, as well as Dr. Gutenhosen's incomplete Visual Skills Profile sheet.

In the short time that Loaf the Monkey was with us, we became deeply attached to the little bugger. Only god knows why he was taken from our lives so quickly...

If you have seen Loaf, or have any information leading to his whereabouts, please contact The Fun Lab at 206.279.7594 or e-mail us at loaf@thefunlab.com.