Experiment Title:What Would a Monkey Do
                 If It Were President?

Experiment ID:  006        
Start:  11/8/00 12:00AM
Completion:  4 years.
Project Leader:   Dr. Gutenhosen



By nature, monkeys are funny creatures. They make us laugh when they dress up in "people clothes". They make us laugh when they play the hurdy-gurdy (or organ grinder). And they always make us laugh when we put peanut butter in their mouths and use a voice-over to their smacking lips, making it appear as if they were speaking English, or whatever language you can see this classic monkey gag in.

What makes all these things funny is the absurdity of a monkey acting like a human being. It is with this in mind that The Fun Lab begins an experiment which pushes the comedy envelope to new levels by placing a monkey in society giving the general impression that he really IS a human.

Using the United States government as a stage, The Fun Lab, working closely with the Republican National Committee, won the Republican Party nomination for our furry buddy and began training him to perform numerous human activities ranging from "speech-making" to "potty-time". With enough human imitations under his belt and the right political angle, The Fun Lab intended to put this monkey in the top-most executive office in the nation AND even the Free World; the Presidency of the United States of America...  


Monkey At Home

Selecting the perfect primate to pose as President would prove exceedingly dificult. Over several months of seaching throughout both Nimeamai and Borneo, plenty of monkeys were encountered, each one with an exceptional, unique talent. With dance skills and incredible rhetoric abilities, these guys put many Miss America contestants to shame.

But it was in the wilds of Basheel that we struck gold. Those ignorant eyes, that vacant expression... no real talent at all... we found our man, er...monkey.