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Experiment:           A Very Fun Lab Halloween II:
                               Full Haunted House
Experiment ID:  011
Start:  10/6/01 9:17PM
Completion:  Saturday, October 27th

ABSTRACT: A horrid poltergeist has taken residence in The Fun Lab facilities, making life a living nightmare.
Such strange occurences could only be rectified by a sequel: A Very Fun Lab Halloween II: Full Haunted House.

INTRODUCTION: It began slowly enough, but like a B-grade horror flick sequel, it quickly worsened until it became a living nightmare that we endured on a daily basis. The Fun Lab had turned into a summer hostel! Couch surfers, "squatters" if you will, from around the country on the couches, the beds, the nooks and crannies, the Dr. Pfaltzgraff underwear drawers; everywhere! It took nothing less than a nationwide tax cut, a state social worker and threats of "rent" to get these halls of comedy free of Top Ramen and afghans. Finally, a sense of normalcy returned to our much chagrinned comedic haven. And we were back in business!

Thursday, October 4, 10pm: A typical night. We administered Cronk a dose of his chill pills and set him in front of the TV in the FunLab2. Lab morale has been low recently, as a result of the global crisis at hand, as well as our usual funding shortages. The Fun Lab staff convened in a Cronkless meeting to discuss a new venture which will ideally be a financial windfall to The Lab: an "E-Commerce" site named "". It was a lengthy meeting rife with statements such as "positive cash flow"; "core competency"; "drive 2 profitability (D2P)"; "reinventing the wheel"; "FIFO"; "FIMO"; "FIDO"; and "overhead". As the meeting adjourned, we felt good. The business plan looked solid and Dr. Gutenhosen in a good way looked sorta like a key lime pie.

Whittlocke and Pfaltzgraff were mulling over what the Fun Lab accountant, Evan T. Angus Cottington had said about the profit pro forma as they walked over to the FunLab2 to pick up a hopefully unconcious Cronk.

As they arrived at the doorway, Dr. Whittlocke stopped mid-sentence. There, balanced on his haunches, his face mere inches from the TV set was the Cronk. The TV was tuned to static and, in THX surround, were two nightmarish voices coming from the television.
   "Weee're baaaack."
   "It can't be!" Shouted Dr. Whittlocke.
   "Dear god, it's-" whimpered Dr. Pfaltzgraff.
   "The Olsen Twins?" They asked simultaneously.
   "No, no. Their careers died years ago. That was just a sick prank set by the Test Pattern Man," p-shawed Pfaltzgraff as he shut down the television.
Far stranger was that Cronk said nothing about the incident. He just walked with a blank stare on his face as the doctors ushered him to his cage. But we doctors were living in a healthy bubble of denial at the time...

Weeee're baaaack!