Experiment Title:A Very Fun Lab Halloween
Experiment ID:  003
Start:  10/28/00 9:17PM
Completion:  10/30/00 11:23AM

ABSTRACT: As initial testings have indicated, charging volunteers "admission" to what they are led to believe is a "social gathering" comprising of "costumes", "alcohol", and "party games" is an effective, albeit borderline unethical method of gaining both valuable scientific data and much-needed funding for the lab.

It was with this in mind that The Fun Lab initiated: A Very Fun Lab Halloween.

INTRODUCTION: For the "party", many preparations were taken. A nefarious substance called "Tequineapple" was created to aggravate intoxication three-fold in half the time it theorectically could. Numerous test-tubed "medications" were kept in a controlled environment in the freezer, chilling until a test subject suddenly found his/her condition to be requiring treatment to sustain the sorry state he/she was in. Hey, we even had a few kegs!

click here for larger image click here for larger image Early in the evening, it was feared that the night might not progress past Dr. Bengsston's absurd antics with his celebrated Beer-Helmet. But after some self-medicating for the doctors, test subjects began to trickle in.

The funky disco tunes were blaring on the dance floor in order to keep up the "party" atmosphere, and it seemed to be working. Dr. Whittlocke began practicing his noted dance moves including "The Woodpecker" to the Rose Royce favorite, "Car Wash," and a few people even liked it! This showed MUCH promise for the rest of the night. Morale was increasing and inhibitions were definitely fading...

click here for larger image click here for larger image In a remarkable show of eccentric-ness and wealth, La Casa Bourassa even showed up from Palm Springs to "party the next few days away with The Fun Lab crew!" If only we had known then what this would later entail...

Perhaps one of oddest moments of the night was when Dr. Pfaltzgraff found himself on the couch getting to know Marcia Brady next to her boyfriend, the Man Struck By Lightning, while discussing Degrassi Jr. High episodes. It was never agreed upon whether it was Spike or Claude who got Shane pregnant in Episode 11, where Yick develops a crush on Melanie and seeks Arthur's advice on how to approach her. If you can help resolve this dilemma, please contact The Fun Lab at (206) 279-7594. Geoffrey still has twenty bucks saying it was Spike.