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Experiment Title:Generic Frat Party
Experiment ID:  013
Start:  10/29/01 12:17PM
Completion:  11/4/01 2:23AM



Passed out in the barber chair

October 28, 12:17 PM:
Dagney Bengsston awoke. His head throbbing, his palms clammy, he put on his sweats and trudged down to the Fun Lab kitchen.
There, standing in the fetid remains of the previous night's party, he found the other doctors, each nursing a beer in a red keg cup. The Halloween party was over. The Lab was littered with keg cups, hair trimmings, and unexplainable porn magazines.
The sun was shining, all but one of the Federal Way marks had come to, and La Casa Bourassa had pissed himself.

Passed out in the filth

But instinctively we set to work on the remaining beer.
And there was a lot of it.
Despite a party that was an undeniable success, there was still more beer. And that we were drinking it at noon? It smacked of one thing: Fraternity.

So The Fun Lab decided to go with the flow. We hosted a "generic frat party". We counted the previous weekend as a "prefunk". We prepared to hold a "classic" "rager". We agreed to "get lit". We proudly displayed our letters (Tau Phi Lambda) and we vowed to "KILL THE KEGS"!!!

Still drinkin in the morning!

This was no ordinary frat party, this was a generic frat party: no costumes, just frat party clothes; no schtick, just a game face; no nuttin'; just good old fashioned beer drinking.
From the invitation:

Dudes: come wearing Abercrombie, frat letters and copious amounts of cologne!
Chicks: come wearing bar pants, sneer at other women, and keep your arms crossed!

The beer is free!!!

We'll supply The Lab, the music and the beer. You supply the hearty liver.