"These guys are pretty funny looking to begin with, but what can be done to their mugs is downright criminal... Nothing is sacred on this site."

-The UCLA Daily Bruin, 2/21/01

"Gentlemen, I have decided to forgo my usual one-syllable email format to commend you on some specific work I have just reviewed on TheFunLab.com.

"That picture of Dr. Bengsston as the Olsen twins is hands-down the funniest thing that I have ever seen.

"I have revisited the page NUMEROUS times, and each time I have been overcome with a FULLY UNCONTROLLABLE urge to laugh until I can no longer breathe, having to then avert my eyes from the comedic triumph that is that beautiful work of art so as not to expire.

"Kudos, gentlemen. You are all worthy of the highest praise. I am humbled before your comedic might."

-La Casa Bourassa

"Life imitating art is one thing. Art imitating life is another. It's when art starts imitating life imitating art that things begin to break down. This site might very well be a sign of the apocalypse."

-Jenn Shreve

"Face it: You just can't have comedy without The Fun Lab. It has become synonymous with the entire comedic subgenre. And it's earned its place in it, beginning with the classic "Paint Drying Cams". Some of the later installments in the series split fans and critics down the middle, but few can deny the addictive humor of the first experiment of this clever group. Highly recommended."

-Barnes & Noble Online
"I kinda like some of it."

-Jeffy Roberts
    The Fun Lab Mailroom

"Zany funny sick crazy, not sketchy scary crazy"

-Alexis Kahn, Athens, GA

"A rock 'n' roll roller-coaster ride! Non-stop funny!"

-Jimmy Shaker

"When you see people sitting outside in a sea of flowers and ivy, contentedly throwing back a few pints as they talk without the interruption of beeping slot machines and screeching jukeboxes, well, you've found it. Don't be thrown off by the fact that it looks like a house. Good food during mealtimes."

-Let's Go: Seattle, 2001
"Granted, it's seldom clear what drives The Fun Lab's ambivalence. Even in an introspective mode, it's a pretty elusive organization, often constructing elaborate metaphors to fake us out. Who knows what guilt lies behind the accidental murder on the deftly syncopated " Tequineapple Experiment" or what loss inspired the gently funky " A Very Fun Lab Halloween"? By the end of this site, all we're really sure of is that The Fun Lab has survived these experiences without growing bitter or cynical. For a literate British songwriter who once called himself the King of Pain, that's no small accomplishment."

-Rolling Stone

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