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The Fun Lab

The Fun Lab

Typing "monkey turds" into a search engine can finally yield results.

Destination? The Fun Lab, at , where Web users can go to watch live streaming video of paint drying, or witness a day in the life of a man and his struggle to say goodbye to his mustache or at least half of it.

Created by four guys who really need to get out more, thefunlab.com plays host to a variety of fun-tastic experiments.

With meticulous documentation in every aspect of their "experiments," the site may seem a little anal at first. But, luckily the writing is whip smart and very witty, so along with hilarious pictures and videos, clicking through the pages of whacky "data" is well worth the time.

With interactive games like "Save Face," users can distort and manipulate the faces behind the Fun Lab with just a click of a mouse. These guys are pretty funny looking to begin with, but what can be done to their mugs is downright criminal.

Also, keeping in stride with pop culture and all of the monkey business in Washington over the election, the Fun Lab, accordingly, taunts George W. Bush. Providing a plethora of mucked up photos to fit the namesake bestowed by the fellows at the Fun Lab: George W. Monkey.

Poor Regis Philbin can't avoid getting railed either, with the Lab taking "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire," and giving users its own version, hosted by "Jesus Philbin."

Nothing is sacred on this site.

As it is a lab, albeit a fun one, the "doctors" (with very funny pseudonyms like Dr. Arthur Whittlocke and Dr. Willard Gutenhosen) perform experiments solely to "explore the science of fun."

Nonsensical and droll, the Fun Lab also offers a "My Fun Lab" section where users can set up personal e-mail accounts and a merchandise section where avid fans can proudly display their devotion to fun by purchasing tee shirts sporting the trademark name.

And about that whole monkey turd chatter, the Fun Lab provides a job posting board, where site goers can go to seek employment at the Lab but, only if they fit the Lab's stringent requirements. For instance, the applicant must be a monkey, or, Merv Griffin, or not afraid to clean up the aforementioned turds. Viewers just have to chuckle.

The Fun Lab is out for laughs and succeeds in abundance. So whether looking to see just what happens with the marriage of a pineapple and Tequila,or what the photos of the research (i.e.: drunk girl) look like, log on and guffaw the day away at thefunlab.com, the only place in cyber space to truly find fun.

Sarah Monson
Rating: 10

Hot Pockets.com

Woo-wee! This site is a really gets my goat but in a bad way. 

For all those of us who can't use the conventional oven or claim to "just not have the time," hotpockets.com will hardly do Web users any good. Just think of the posibities! A site where web-goers can create and design their own personally customized hotpocket and have it delivered to their microwave in under an hour? Well, friend...I'm afraid it's just not here!

At www.hotpockets.com, users can do little but view a fuzzy picture of few, but choice, items from the Hot Pocket line-up. And not even a toaster pizza in sight!

Paulo Martinez
Rating: 2

French Fry.com

Celebrated for its simplicity.  I love it.

Lisa Hernnst-Polk
Rating: 8


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