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mission statement
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  • To explore the possibility that comedy is a quantifiable medium.
  • To research, define and rank comedic value.
  • To develop a precise layman’s nomenclature for comedic themes.
  • To create a quantifiable relationship of comedic themes, their effects upon comedy as a whole as well as the participants in comedic situations.
  • To develop a working model of comedic value in situations.
  • To explore the possible existence of a quantifiable comedic utopia, somewhere.

  • The Fun Lab Technicians are involved in a lifelong quest for information. We are studying the science of comedy, together and separately, in an effort to dissolve its connection with art, a difficult to quantify medium. Through our understanding of comedy, its causes and effects, its roots and its ramifications; we hope to one day discover our version of what the ancient Jews called a “Messianic era,” the possible existence of a comedic utopia, where comedic value is fully appreciated, and scientists get lots of chicks. Through the dependable logic of numbers and equations, we are confident that our dream will be realized.

    We began our studies together at the Parkinson’s Institute of Comedy and Witty Retort in Tempe, Arizona. Once we received our baccalaureate honors upon graduation, we resolved to go into business for ourselves, hoping to survive on grants from commonly recognized pillars of the various comedic industries. Sadly, the Rubber Vomit Consortium of New Mexico and the Three Stooges Society of Sight Gag Technicians of Grand Rapids, Michigan were not as receptive to our idea as we expected. But through a generous grant from a rich and eccentric financier known only as La Casa Bourassa, we were able to establish The Fun Lab, our scientific exploratory, laboratory, observatory and dormitory.

    We rise at the crack of dawn, thanks to Sight Gag Technician Dag Bengsston’s patented “Up and At ‘Em” Machine, and voraciously attack our high-in-protein-and- carbohydrates breakfasts. Then, after proper scientific hygiene and liberal use of soap and hot water in our Fun Lab shower, we attack our scientific studies with no less voracity.

    As our experiments grow in complexity and value, The Fun Lab experiences monumental growths in its vast archive of intellectual material. The computer industry brags of a double of technological innovation every six months. We are proud to announce an exponential jump in our intellectual property that occurs every four months. When we were alerted that we had the computer industry beat by two full months, The Fun Lab Technicians threw an Industry Dance Party in the Vann Bourassa Breaking-Wind Tunnel. Reportedly seen in attendance were popular television’s Mr. Wizard and successful comedian, Bob Saget.

    Our resumes are as individually impressive as our collective body of work. We have garnered fun technicians from around the country; graduates from the Parkinson’s Institute, former executives from ABC’s “TGIF,” and successful street magicians from the various French Quarters of the globe. We invite you to inspect our accomplishments in order to further bolster your understanding of the monumental tasks we have undertaken.

    We are renowned at The Fun Lab to have an immense cache of comedic data. Now, in an ongoing effort to further explore the value of quantifiable fun in the world, The Fun Lab Technicians have declassified large sections of this information and extended an unprecedented offer to scientific enthusiasts around the globe. Now you too can take part in some of our intriguing experiments!