Name: Dr. Arthur Whittlocke

D.O.B.: 3/18/1977

Position: Technician

Education: Phd in Fraggle Rock, Minor in Eric Estrada at Parkinson's Institute of Comedy & Witty Retort

Hair: No

Notes: Dr. Whittlocke keeps his hair frightenly short due to his brave volunteer efforts as a test subject in his very own "Soap and Shampoo Conservation Experiment". In a cold-fusion model, Whittlocke attempts to maintain his unique level of hygene with empty containers of hygene supplies.

Dr. Whittlocke is known throughout the northwestern area of the 8300 block of 83rd Ave in a northwestern part of a western town in the fruit compote that is a smaller region of the great larger region that we all call "The West," for his collection of small, irritating, domesticated fowl.

Dr. Whittlocke is known throughout The Fun Lab as the brilliant comedic scientist that invented "The Woodpecker," a dance move frequently seen in the Vann Bourassa Breaking Wind Tunnel. If Whittlocke's other forays with small birdlife are "irritating", "The Woodpecker" can only be described by those close to him as "excruciating."

Whittlocke awakes each morning with a newly reformulated understanding of the comedy that is haircare. He has spent gratuitous lab time exploring the enigmatic hair comedy that is Carrot Top, Alfalfa and Larry from TV's "Three's Company." Whittlock's work in hair comedy is quite simply earth-shattering!