Name: Dr. Willard Gutenhosen

Position: Technician

Education: Phd in Observational Comedy Theory and Appreciation, Minor in Spit-Takes at Parkinson's Institute of Comedy & Witty Retort

Birthplace: Carson City, NV

Opens Doors With: His feet, claiming "it's more sanitary on my hands".

Denies: Iran-contra Affair involvement. "My god, I was only nine years old! Leave me alone, already!"

Notes: Since joining The Fun Lab, Dr. Gutenhosen has yet to prove himself an asset to the team, let alone show any worth what-so-ever towards the better interest of mankind. A warning: His beaming demeanor is misleading, as he is an insatiable prick.

Hailing from Southern Nevada, Dr. Gutenhosen's application to the Parkinson's Institute of Comedy and Witty Retort was an obvious choice. No other school in the Southwest is as respected for its fine academics in comedy as PICWR. Like a beaver going to dam school, Willard headed towards a bright future in "the industry".

A Physical Comedy course in Pie-Throwing first introduced Willard to a young man by the name of Geoff Pfaltzgraff. It was while practing throwing techniques upon a young Marty Cronk, when Willard and Geoffrey began laying down the foundation for The Fun Lab. A professional laboratory in persuit of the science of comedy? It seemed too good to be true.

And it was.

Upon graduation from PICWR in 1999, our young doctors, with no money and big dreams, had to put their hopes on hold and get dead-end jobs to make ends meet. Dr. Gutenhosen found himself working the nightshift at Zymogenetics as a security guard, and working the dayshift at Zymogenetics as a janitor.

The night shifts were rough, but working with a certain Dag Bengsston helped the long hours go by, who often complained of the shoddy cleaning job of the day janitor.

Yes, times were tough enough for merely getting by, let alone saving money to start a scientific laboratory.

Fortunately, an eccentric young millionare hailing from La Casa Bourassa Productions had the foresight to financially assist The Fun Lab in the early stages. The man was known only as La Casa Bourassa, but after his considerable contribution, neither his identity nor resources were ever questioned.

Though most projects headed by Dr. Gutenhosen never see completion and instead reach miserable failure, the few that have produced any worthwhile finishes are to be noted. Willard's work on the history of the acronym, for one, clears up the misconceptions we all had.