Marty's completely unpredictable personality and high-end chassis leave us no choice but to give up all efforts and recommend a release for him to a school where he can be helped as well as studied, and where he can learn at the same time.

We hope that this environment will help him with success in his personality conflicts, and also help him with social behaviors. We also hope that Marty can provide the school with a great model of psychological abnormalities and give students a hands-on opportunity to try to help him.

We are requesting that Marty be placed in the hands of a University Scientist (Professor Richard Sterns) and obtain living and work quarters on campus at the Parkinson's Institute of Comedy and Witty Retort.

We are hoping that they can help Marty (among others) in areas of cooperation, understanding and stable living.

Marty Cronk
Original Scapegoat
The "goCrazy Blacksheep"

P.S. Leave us alone.